— what have i done?


To begin at the end: this piece encompasses so many different facets of my work along the last seven years, it's almost a retrospective.

First and foremost this is typography, i.e.: Toby And Pete day zero - an end credit sequence for my friend Ben Lucas' 2nd feature "Otherlife".

Film credits have long been something I wanted to do and finally in 2016 I got my chance.


There's also a bit of science here - specifically a Gray-Scott reaction/diffusion equation which I translated into code and back into images to create the viral spread of nano-fluids around which the film plot revolves.


But the end credits weren't enough!
We were also tasked with creating a lot of the software interfaces seen in the film.
Basing a lot of the work on Touch Designer itself, I ended up extending a lot of the interfaces with real-time elements. I spent a good part of a week on set, hiding behind desks with a midi controller, making brain scans go crazy at pivotal moments.

Even the main timer seen on a lot of the screens accurately reflected the passage of Otherlife time vs real world time.

One of the most fun projects I've played a part in so go and check out the film already, it's available on Netflix, calling out for your eyeballs.



From the Toby And Pete collection.


Piotr Stopniak